Using URL parameters

Using data on the URL within your templates

Tracking and UTM fields


You can access UTM values using macros within your templates and form fields.


Other URL parameters

If a param is not the list of pre-approved parameters above under Tracking and UTM fields, then that URL parameter will need to be whitelisted in your project settings.

But once whitelisted, you can use them in your templates


You can access these whitelisted URL parameters in your template using macros.



Would output


Use in templating

Both UTM (campaign parameters) and the other URL parameters are available within jinja templates in the same place.


<p>Promo: {{ }}</p>
<p>Campaign: {{ request_params.utm_campaign }}</p>

Would output

<p>Promo: august</p>
<p>Campaign: email</p>

To easily access these values in javascript, you can output request_params to JSON

var requestParams = {{ request_params|tojson|safe }};

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