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Platform support for tags for SEO and setting custom values
Our schema tags are structured JSON-LD. The standard example would be business and location information that is automatically updated when changes are made to the business and location details in the platform.

Supported attributes

These schema attributes are automatically included on your page if that data exists on a Location.
  • name: Location name or Business Name
  • description: Location description
  • sameAs: Links to any social URLs
  • telephone
  • faxNumber
  • openingHours: Structured daily hours of operation
  • address: streetAddress and other address field associated with "@type": "PostalAddress"
  • geo: Latitude and longitude
  • @type: Defaults to LocalBusiness, but can be overridden with a specific business type using the business.schema_business_type field
  • paymentAccepted: list of payment types accepted
  • priceRange: range of price, $-$$
For details on the structure of the values, you can view those here

Extending the schema

You can extend and add additional JSON-LD schema data to any page within the platform to enhance the richness of the tags associated with a site or page. For more details you can visit our API docs.
Last modified 2yr ago