Map options explained

Description of the different options for maps within the platform

Each instance has a configuration option which determines the Google Maps features that will be used to display maps on sites and landing pages within it.

Option 1: Embed Maps

  • This option is free regardless of usage

  • This option cannot support maps with multiple points. Only available for single addresses

  • This option cannot be used if you are using our Store Locator module

  • The accuracy of the lat/lon is dependent on Google Maps, so we don't have control over the actual point that displays on the map.

Option 2: Enhanced Google Maps

  • Required if you are using our Store Locator module

  • Full lat/lon accuracy with the ability to override the Google Map position with a specific lat/lon you set for a location

For any map geolocation, Enhanced Google Maps are needed (example: our Store Locator). These require an API key, and have a variable cost based on traffic to the page. Google’s pricing for Enhanced Google Maps can be found here:

The cost through Google Maps is variable, and will increase or decrease as traffic increases or decreases every month. To offset this, Google Maps provides a $200 credit per month to your account. Due to this credit, most customers have no or little cost from Enhanced Maps usage. If expected traffic can be provided to us, we can provide an estimate of the monthly Enhanced Maps cost.


Google implemented major Google Maps pricing changes on July 18, 2018 across all of the Mapping APIs that they provide. This includes their Javascript API, Geocoding and Google Places APIs, which out platform uses for multiple applications (geolocation, Store Locator). We had not historically charged our customers for this service or any usage costs as we had operated below the past Google Maps API quotas. This is now a service that will have costs associated with it.

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