Using page drafts

How the page drafts feature works

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When visiting a page within the Site Builder, the page saving and draft functionality is located in the top right of the window indicated by a "Save draft" button.

Below are descriptions of each option available. These options with we active/clickable depending on the status of the page.

  • "Save Draft" - This will save the current page as a draft

    • If the page does not already have a draft, it will create a new one

    • If the page already is a draft, it will update that draft with these changes

    • Drafts will only be viewable inside the Site Builder and on the Preview URL, the previously published page content will still be visible on the live site.

  • Under the dropdown:

    • "Save and publish page" - This will save any pending changes publish as a live page and not a draft. This will immediately publish them to the Live URL as well as the Preview URL.

    • "Reset current edits" - This will revert the latest updates you have made since your last save

    • "Revert draft" - This will delete the draft and revert the page to the currently published Live URL content


If there is no current draft for the page, the "Save draft" button will show as greyed out with no options available

You can determine if there is a currently unpublished draft as it will show the dropdown arrow highlighted in orange. You will have two options available "Save and publish page" and "Revert draft"

After making changes to a page, the "Save draft" button will highlight blue indicating there is pending pages to be saved. You will then have "Save draft", "Save and publish page" and "Reset current edits" options available as well as "Revert draft" if the page was already a draft before the changes.

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