Location finder




How many results to show

Number of results and pins to return. Default is 100

Disable Geolocation prompt

Don't prompt the visitor for their location in the browser, requiring them to enter a search manually

Geocode Region Hint

For non-US finders, you can give the finder a hint of the visitor geography so that Google returns more relevant results

Search input type

Custom search field types. - 5 digit US zip code: only US zip codes (numbers only)

Distance threshold of results

How far the bounds of the search should show locations. Default is 4000 units (miles or km)

Redirect one result

If a single location is found and it has a location URL, it will automatically redirect the visitor in the browser


Browser-based geolocation requires that the page is served under https (secure).

Currently preview URLs are not served under HTTPS, so a manual search is required for testing on the preview.

URL parameters

Our location finder supports passing URL parameters the location finder page to pre-populate location search queries, filters and other parameters.




Location search (zip code, address, city/state)


Comma separated list of services tags if your location finder is configured for filtering the results

Styling the finder

More information on themes and templates for the location finder: