Registering a new domain

Register a domain through the platform UI

The guide below describes how you can register a new domain within the platform

1) Search for the Domain

Using the "Domain" field and dropdown of available TLDS (.com, .net, etc), you can search for the domain to be registered.

As you type into the field, the system will automatically check to see if that domain is available. An icon denoting the availability displays next to the field. "Green Checkbox" (available) or a "Red X" (unavailable).

Note: make sure that you check the domain for Typos or misspellings. Once the domain is registered, you are unable to change the domain. You would need to re-register a new domain to fix the Typo/Misspelling.

2) Enter Registrant Details

Next step is to enter the Registrant (Owner of the domain) details (address, phone number, etc)

Note: As a company, you will need to decide who will be the actual owner of the domain, the Customer, or Your Company. That will determine what contact information you enter into the form.

3) Set the Registrant Email Address

Due to ICANN rules, once a domain is registered, a generic email is sent out to the Email Address listed on the domain registrant details. We suggest that you always use the same email address for all domain registrations and that the production or QA teams have access to this email to they can validate any domain that comes through. If the validation link is not clicked within 15 days of the registration, the domain is then disabled until it is validated.

4) Select Number of Years

From the "Period" field, select how many years you would like to register the domain for.

5) Domain Whois Protection (optional)

You also have the option to enable whois protection on the registered domains for an additional cost. This is usually wanted by service-area-only businesses that operate out of their home and do not want their personal address published on the web. Note: if the registrant is Your Company, you wont need this.

6) Complete the Registration

Once the form is completed, click "Register" button to complete the registration.

Since the domain is being registered through our API integrations, we automatically create all the DNS entries needed to point the Domain to our servers. The site or proxy should start to resolve under the new domain within 15 minutes.

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