Common Security System Restrictions or Domain Errors

Connection reset by peer / Connection refused

The customer's server immediately drops the request, and the error page is shown quickly on the hosted domain.

Connection timed out

The customer's server allows us to connect but never gives us a response and it eventually times out. You will see this error as a hang/loading message in the browser and then eventually the "Service Unavailable" message after the timeout.

Built-in Firewall Applications

The customer's server accepts the request, but these requests are redirected to, or shown a different page than the requested page. This page can typically display a message saying the requests are being blocked.

DNS/Domain issues

Not a security related issue, these errors are usually due to the customer's domain expiring, or the domain's DNS is having problems. In this case, visiting the customer's original site will normally show a similar error in the browser.

Malware warnings

We have protections platform-wide to prevent malware from entering our sites or instances. To date, we have never had a case of malware on our platform. We stand behind our product, so if there ever was a case of malware on our platform, we would resolve it at high priority.

But with reverse proxies, we do not control the content on the page since it is a reflection of the source domain. Since the source domain is not on our platform, we cannot control or fix a malware issue on the source. I don't recommend creating a proxy for a site that is showing a malware issue, since the issue will be reflected on the proxy.

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