Domain expiration process

The phases that a domain goes through after expiration

Renewal period

You have between 15-30 days after the date a domain expires to renew it with no penalty and at normal cost. You should renew within the 15 days to insure that you can renew the domain successfully without our assistance.

Redemption period

The domain then enters a 30-day redemption period, which is your last chance to get the domain back from the registry before it goes out for general availability. You’ll be charged a $120.00 fee in addition to the normal fee. This can only done based on special request to your support team.

Domain release

After the redemption period, it then begins the process to release the domain back to the registrar. This can be directly after the redemption period, but in some cases can take 30-60 days. This be the soonest time that it can be re-registered at normal cost by anyone.

Note: people can purchase a backorder of a domain at various registrars or purchase it during an expired domain auction. If either of those take place, it would never go back to the public for repurchase.

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