Use your own purchased SSL certificate

If you would like to purchase your own certificate for your pages, we can install that certificate for you into your project.

CSR generation

If you would like us to handle the CSR generation that you can then use to purchase a certificate, we would need the following information from your team to start that process.

  • Hostname/domain

    • If the certificate covers just one or more specific subdomains, please provide each. Example:

    • If the certificate covers a single domain (www version or non-www version), please be specific if www will be present or not. Examples: or

    • If the certificate will be a wildcard certificate, please provide the domain. Example: *

  • Organization – The legal name of your company or organization

  • City/Locality – The city where your company is located

  • State/Province –The state or region where your company is located

  • Country/Region – Please use the two-character abbreviation for your country

SSL certificate purchased on your behalf

If you would like us to purchase and manage a SSL certificate for you, we can provide pricing for these options.

In this case you will need to provide the details for the CSR request as well as the following information:

  • Contact person - first and last name

  • Email address for validation

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