CDN (content delivery network) support

Details on how to configure a CDN for serving your static assets and images

Enabling a CDN URL

Under the Site Settings within the Site Builder you will find a field labeled "Asset URL Prefix".

You would enter in this field the base URL of the CDN which will be serving the assets without a trailing slash.

Example Asset URL Prefix:

This would update any .js, .css or image assets so they are served form the CDN instead of locally from the hosted Site.

Linking to assets

If you need to link to an asset from our platform from within your theme or template, you can use the following template code {% asset %} to add that to your page which will automatically handle the CDN references.

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="{% asset 'less/backend.css' %}">

Asset macro

Sometimes the assets can't be included using the jinja above, so you also have access to the asset prefix as a macro.

<img src="${asset_url_prefix}/path/goes/here.png">

Within templates

When using jinja templates, you can also access this value under the site object

<img src="{{ site.asset_url_prefix }}/path/goes/here.png">

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