Site Settings

How to make site wide changes within the Site Builder

Open the site builder for the site in which you would like to edit

At the top left click on the "Site" dropdown menu

Next click the "Settings" within the "Site" dropdown menu

Everything in the top section called "Business Details" is the data that was used when the site was originally created.

All of that Structured Data is used in Macros, Modules, and CSS through out the site.

Business info allows you to modify the site name

Contact Info is everything site traffic will see to find your business.

Allowing you to modify the location specific data

Phone Numbers added will be used through out the site

Hours of operation will be syndicated to local listing providers and SERPS as well as location finder

Additional info you can set about your business ranging from services tags to forms of payment that are accepted.

Structured Data allows you to add custom schema using valid JSON.

Published allows for toggling locations from view in the location finder.

Automatic Geolocation can be disabled to allow for specific Lat and Lon coordinates to be used for a specific business in our location finder.

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