External Contexts

Specifications on pulling in dynamic data for use in DevHub


An external data source can be configured to be used as a dynamic data source outside the normal data you would be entering into DevHub or Google Sheets tied to DevHub projects.


  • Support for endpoints that support the following formats:

    • JSON

    • XML

    • Custom API clients (requires integration)

  • Passing of Site/Landing page IDs along on the external context URL

  • Passing of URL parameters (full path, partial path, UTM parameters) along on the external context URL

Configuration Settings

"url": "http://sb-whitelabel.s3.amazonaws.com/product_feed.json",
"key": "product_feed",
"type": "json",
"cache_time": 3600
"url": "http://sb-whitelabel.s3.amazonaws.com/pricing_feed.json",
"key": "pricing_feed",
"type": "json",
"cache_time": 3600