Wordpress plugin for path override

Install our Wordpress plugin and host your landing pages within your existing Wordpress site

How it works

Once enabled, this plugin will route all requests for a subdirectory (or set of subdirectories) under your existing Wordpress site to our systems to serve the pages. This allows you to maintain your exiting website and pages under www.yourdomain.com hosted elsewhere, but still use our platform to host 10s or 100s of pages.

Example: www.yourdomain.com/locations/<location_name_here>/


Currently in Beta. Contact your client success manager to learn more!

Installation steps

The plugin is not currently in the Wordpress ecosystem, so the beta version of the plugin is manually uploaded to your site.

  • "Plugins > Add New"

  • Upload the provided zip file

  • After install, click "Activate plugin"

  • Then you can access the configuration options under "Settings > PathOverride Plugin"

Configuration options

Required fields

Your customer success contact will provide these to you.

  • IP address or hostname - This is our platform IP address or hostname that is assigned to your pages

  • Your paths - This is a list of paths (starting with a slash), one on each line, that will be routed to our systems to serve the pages

  • Use https - If your project is setup with a secure hostname, then check this box

Optional fields

  • Host header - Our plugin will attempt to automatically send your server hostname to our side. But in cases like test environments, you can override this to match the pages published on our platform.

  • Common paths - Our plugin will automatically route common asset paths, but these can be customized to add/remove these rules using this field.

  • Ignored paths - If there are specific subpaths that you do not want us to host, they can be added here, one per line.

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