Transfer a domain to another registrar

How to transfer a domain registered with us away to another registrar

Transfer to any registrar

To transfer your domain away from us, please submit a support ticket with the name and url of the domain you want to transfer.

Your domain will be unlocked from our side, and a transfer code will be provided so you can initiate the domain transfer with a registrar of your choice.

Transfer to

If your domain was registered through our platform, it was most likely registered via In this case there is a simpler method to "pushing" a domain which does not require paying a transfer fee.

The customer needs to have a account. You can create this on their behalf for free if needed or use an existing that you or your customer controls. You will then need to retrieve the "Account Code" in under "My Account > My Dashboard". The Account Code is in the top right (example: 999055-c999daa).

You then send in a Support Ticket mentioning the domain name and the Account Code to transfer the domain to. Once we complete the transfer, then it is pushed right into the other account. There you can continue to renew or change the domain settings.

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