Server path override

Host pages underneath a sub-directory of your primary domain

How it works

This option allows you to maintain your exiting website and pages under hosted elsewhere - But publish pages under a specific directory under your domain


Can you use it?

Our enhanced landing pages use a special configuration that requires some changes be setup by your web site hosting provider.

If you are using a service for your website, then your provider should be contacted via their existing support team. If you are self hosting your website, then these questions would be directed at your webmaster or system administrator.

What to ask

  1. Can your provider support custom server configurations for your website?

  2. If so, if you could ask what technology they use to host the websites. This is normally called something like: Apache, IIS or NGINX.

Once we verify that the provider can make these changes, we will then send over specific configuration instructions matching the technology for them to install onto your domain.

Server technologies supported

See below for specific server examples and instructions.


If you have existing pages live, you will want to first deploy a test configuration on a different path (i.e. /test-your-page-path/).

After implementation, we can verify that the requests are being sent to our server successfully.

Note that visiting the IP provided by us directly will not return any content, but if you do see a 404/blank page on your requests to that is a good sign.

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