Using fieldsets

Grouping your form builder fields into fieldset elements

Configuring fieldsets

Configuring Fieldsets is done within the Site Builder under the Forms section.

Adding Fieldsets to a Form

When editing a Form, you can add and order Fieldsets. When adding a fieldset, you will be setting a "Slug" value. This value is used to group and assign fields and should be entered as just letters, numbers and dashes (i.e. custom-fieldset).

You also have the option to enable a Legend for the Fieldset (optional). If set, this will add a <legend> attribute to the top inside the <fieldset> element. This legend can be used to label that group of fields for the visitor.

Assigning Fields to a Fieldset

Each field can be assigned using the slug value of the Fieldset. This value is entered into the "In Fieldset" field under the "Advanced" section when editing a particular Field.

Default Fieldset

If a field is not assigned to a Fieldset, it will be added to a default <fieldset> at the first position within the form. For example, if you just add a form with 3 fields with no custom Fieldset, then the form will contain the single <fieldset> element with all of your 3 fields within it.

If all fields within the form are assigned to custom Fieldsets, then the first default <fieldset> will not be output into the HTML.

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