Pointing an existing domain

Instructions on pointing an existing domain you or your customer owns

Point your entire domain (www.example.com)

Pointing a domain that you already own requires you to modify your website's existing A Record. Depending on where you modify the DNS settings, you may need to add a record, or modify the A Record. In both cases you will need to point to a new IP address. This IP address will be provided to you by a support team member.

You must create a record for with, and without, "www". For instance, "www.example.com" and "example.com" are two different addresses and they both need to be pointed in order to work.

  1. For "example.com", the host name might be "@" or "example.com" or simply left blank.

  2. For "www.example.com" the host name might be "www" or "www.example.com"

  3. Value of the IP address should match the provided IP


  • Ensure that once the new IP address is entered, there are no additional A records for www.example.com or example.com. Having multiple A records (with other IP addresses) will cause your domain to bounce back and forth from our host and your old host.

  • Once you've added the A record, it can take 24­-48 hours for the new A ­Record values to propagate across the internet. But if have not visited the domain recently, you should be able to see the site resolve within 60 minutes.

Email hosting

If you would like to use our hosted Webmail/Email service to create email accounts under your domain (i.e. mailbox@example.com), you will need to enter 3 additional DNS records to the domain.

2 MX records, and a TXT record:

  1. MX record for example.com set to mx1.emailsrvr.com with a "priority" setting of 10

  2. MX record for example.com set to mx2.emailsrvr.com with a "priority" setting of 20

  3. TXT record for example.com set to v=spf1 include:emailsrvr.com ~all